Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GM CEO Dan Akerson is ‘Proud’ of the New Corvette C7

GM CEO Dan Akerson is ‘Proud’ of the New Corvette C7
And why wouldn`t he be - it is not only an excellent modern interpretation of the classic ‘Vette recipe, with great styling, a substantially better interior than its predecessor, a high-tech engine which is still a V8 and high tech construction - it even uses carbon fiber for the hood and roof!

The GM CEO, Dan Akerson, recently stated: “If you really want to transform this company from just playing it kind of four-corner stall, as they say in basketball — but go on offense, you are going to have to take some risks [ . . . ] It’s a statement about American ingenuity — it’s about technology and, frankly, our risk-taking. This is the first car that was designed start to finish-post.

They plan to sell around 35,000 C7s per year, despite the fact that sales of the old model reached a 50-year low, back in 2010, when only around 13,000 were sold. Still, this new car is a far more appealing prospect, and from what the people behind it say, it is a much better all-round car - a more usable one which works well both on the road and on the track, thanks to selectable driving modes.

This high-tech new ‘Vette will give Chevrolet a much-needed image boost, above all - it won`t really be a money-maker for GM, but more of a ‘halo car’ for the Chevy brand.

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