Monday, January 21, 2013

All-Electric Volkswagen eUp! to Cost under €25,000 in Germany

All-Electric Volkswagen eUp! to Cost under €25,000 in Germany

One of the two main drawbacks of buying a current generation all-electric vehicle if the very high acquisition cost, which you do recuperate if you use the car regularly for a number of years, but it just isn`t a decision based on common sense - you buy an EV because you want to be green, and because you genuinely want one.

However, as they are becoming increasingly common, and automakers are beginning to get to grips with having to build them, the cost of such vehicles is going down. Now, Volkswagen is set to enter the European market with its all-new eUp!, which as its name suggests is an all-electric version of the petrol-powered Up! city runabout, which we tested.

We say this kind of car is the perfect candidate for electric power, in spite of what Bob Lutz says, as it is light, and therefor does`t need a lot of energy to move it about, and so it can be made to be highly-efficient. However, it is not really this car's party piece, as that goes to its price, which is said to be very competitive.

What`s really interesting about this eUp! is the fact that when it does finally go on sale in Germany, it is expected to cost below €25,000, while a Skoda-badged version of the car, called the Citigo, will also go on sale later, and will cost around €1,000 less. Keep in mind that a full-sized EV, the Nissan Leaf costs €37,000, also in Germany.


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