Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Audi, BMW and Mercedes to Introduce Hatchbacks on Indian Market

Audi, BMW and Mercedes to Introduce Hatchbacks on Indian Market

After a less-than-flattering reception from China, for their 'premium hatchbacks', the big three from Germany have now set their sights on the promising Indian market. First on the market will be Mercedes-Benz, with the all-new A-Class, by the middle of this year. They will be followed by BMW, with their new 1-Series, and there is a high likelihood of Audi joining in, with the A3 hatchback, some time in 2014.

According to Neelesh Hundekari, the head of a Mumbai-based consultancy firm, “If you have scale aspirations, then it’s important to succeed with the right models at the right price points [ . . . ] India is a poor country but people still want a piece of luxury, and at the right price point, they will buy a BMW or a Mercedes.

The German want to take advantage of the newly-created middle class, from India, which has arisen after a decade of extreme economic growth. Now, “Indians are looking for affordability, even in the luxury segment" and "once a customer buys a BMW or Mercedes, he’s not going to go back to a lower brand,” according to Deepesh Rathore, the New Delhi-based managing director in India for IHS Automotive.

Keep in mind that the Indian luxury car market is expected to place third in the world rankings, by 2020, and by that time it will have quadrupled from the level recored in 2012.

Via Bloomberg

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