Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nissan Reportedly Working on Green Sub-Z Sports Car

Nissan Reportedly Working on Green Sub-Z Sports Car

Nissan officials have announced that the Japanese automaker is developing a small sports car, which is set to sit below the 370Z. Details are sparse, but Car&Driver did manage to speak with Nissan’s Vice President, Andy Palmer, who confirmed the news, without giving away any sort of details.

All he said about the new car is that ‘you either love it or hate it’ - it`s that type of car.

However, despite the fact that it sounds suspiciously like a Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ rival, it actually isn`t. In fact, it is a youth-oriented car (think Juke), which would not be a direct competitor to those three, simply because it is slated to be a different type of car, which quite possibly will also feature some sort of electrification.

Still, while it all sounds very good, we have to see it, at least in the form of some sort of concept, before we believe Nissan`s claims, as this is not the first time they have announced a sporty car for ‘the youth’. Back in 2006, they showed off the Urge concept, which was considered for production, and more recently, the ESFLOW concept from 2011, which used the powertrain from the Leaf EV.

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