Friday, January 18, 2013

Qoros Announces GQ3 Cross Hybrid and Estate Concepts for Geneva

Qoros Announces GQ3 Cross Hybrid and Estate Concepts for Geneva
New automaker Qoros, a company created by Chery Automobile Co. and Israeli investment firm Israel Corp., has just announced that it will be showing off two new concepts at the Geneva Motor Show, later this year. Both vehicles will be based on the GQ3 sedan, which has already been unveiled, and they will use its underpinnings, which have been specifically designed to be highly-modular and easy to adapt to new models.

According to the Vice Chairman of the company, Volker Steinwascher, "Intelligent modular vehicle platform technology allows us to create new vehicle concepts quickly and efficiently [ . . . ] The Qoros GQ3 is the first of many models that will be based on this platform, and the technology will allow us to develop a complete model family in a very efficient manner."

The first concept, the GQ3 Cross Hybrid will be an all-wheel drive model, with the petrol engine driving the front wheels, while the rears will be powered by electricity, like the Citroen DS5, or the Lexus RX450h.

The second concept is an estate version of the GQ3, which is pretty much self explanatory and will offer more space and practicality than its sedan counterpart. We will learn more, closer to the car's unveilings and we will keep you updated.

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