Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Honda NSX Production Version Leaks - Interior Revealed

Honda NSX Production Version Leaks - Interior Revealed
Two images of what is reportedly the production version of the Honda/Acura NSX have surfaced online, via vwvortex.com. One shows the exterior of the car, and bears a Honda badge, while the other shows what looks to be a plausible interior for the NSX, wearing an Acura badge.

It is definitely not the interior of exactly the car in the other photo, as the badges don`t correspond, and the interior shot shows a left-hand drive car, while the exterior shows a right-hand drive example. If this is the production version, we are honestly hard-pressed to tell it from it is identical to the concept - it looks just as good and as modern as it does.

The shot of the leather-clad interior shows that the car will not be offered with a manual gearbox at all, as there would be no place for the gear selector, as it just looks like it would sit too high and would not be ergonomic and comfortable to use, especially in a supercar costing in excess of $100,000.

It is set to hit the market in 2014, as a 2015 model-year offering, and it both the Acura and Honda versions will be built in the US, at the Marysville, Ohio plant. The car is expected to have all-wheel drive and the integration of a hybrid system is also likely.

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