Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skoda Snowman Seven-Seater SUV Rendered

Skoda Snowman Seven-Seater SUV Rendered

Skoda's Yeti is easily one of the most talented and tempting propositions in the small SUV/crossover sector, and its wide blend of qualities and more affordable price than much of its competition really put it at the front of the pack.

However, it seems that there is need and demand for a bigger off-roader, with seating capacity for seven. It has been speculated that Skoda is working on such a vehicle, yet it won`t necessarily be called Yeti. Aside from the possibility of it getting the name 'Grand Yeti', it is more likely to be called the Snowman.

If it turns out to be a real vehicle, it will most likely ride on a stretched version of the new VW group MQB platform, currently used to underpin the Golf, the SEAT Leon and the all-new Skoda Octavia.

From what we understand, the Snowman has pretty much the same concept behind it as Volkswagen's own CrossBlue concept, which previews a seven-seater SUV for the US market only. There is a very high likelihood that the two vehicles will be extremely similar (mechanically), for cost-cutting purposes, of course.

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