Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rolls-Royce Announces Revealing of ‘Stunning’ New Vehicle in Two Weeks

Rolls-Royce Announces Revealing of ‘Stunning’ New Vehicle in Two Weeks
While sales of Rolls-Royce models have gone well, in 2012, the prestigious UK manufacturer has now announced that it wants to build on last year’s figures, with the addition of a new model, which is set to be unveiled in two weeks’ time.

The information comes from Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, who has called the new car ‘stunning’. The venue chosen to unveil the new car is the Shanghai Auto Show, as Rolls is keen to build its image in China further, to help offset poor sales in the brand’s more traditional markets, like Europe, where demand for luxury cars is on the decline.

The Chinese market came second to the US, in 2012, yet officials expect China to take the number one spot, by the end of 2013. The British automaker now has 15 dealerships scattered throughout Asia, and more will be opened in China, as the country accounts for one third of their global sales figure.

Sadly, no more information about the new model is available, so we will just have to wait the two weeks in order to get the full scoop.

Story via bloomberg.com

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