Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skoda Registers 6.8% Sales Increase in 2012

Skoda Registers 6.8% Sales Increase in 2012
Skoda’s sales figure for 2012 almost hit the one million mark, but in the end stopped at 939,200 units sold. It represents a 6.8% increase over 2012 and the surpassing of their old record, of 879,200 units, back in 2011.

The rise was driven by strong sales in China (up 7.1% over 2011), which totaled 235,700 units sold by the end of the year. However, the biggest gain was registered in the UK, where sales went up an impressive 17.6%, while in Germany they managed to sell 3.6% more cars than in 2011. Now, Skoda is aiming high – at least 1.5 million units sold per year, by 2018, and a doubling of their China figure (500,000 sales planned).

Skoda Board Chairman Winfried Vahland said: “Currently 60 percent of Skoda’s sales come from the European market, [while] the remaining 40 percent are exports from other markets. In the future we predict markets outside of Europe to account for 60 percent [of our sales], or about 900,000 vehicles. According to my calculations, of these 900,000 vehicles over half will be sold in China."

Also, with models like the Citigo and the all-new Octavia, the appeal of the Skoda brand as a whole has never been greater, so there is definitely some substance behind the Czech manufacturer's optimism.

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