Monday, January 21, 2013

Ford Production in Genk Still Stopped Due to Protests

Ford has already announced that it will be closing down its Genk plant, in Belgium, the historic home of all big Europe-bound Fords, like the Sierra, Scorpio and Mondeo, and moving production to Spain, as of 2014.

However, ever since the news came out, a noticeable tension has been building up among the plant’s workers, who have constantly protested the decision ever since. Now, though, production remains stopped at the plant, as workers continue to protest the closing of the plant.

Most recently, workers blocked and adjacent supply area, and cut off the delivery of parts to the plant. Also, some 100 workers gathered outside the city hall, in Genk, and prevented three union leaders from leaving, for three hours, until the police came and made it possible for the officials to leave safely.

The Belgian workers are demanding extra money, to resume production, while Ford is still in talks with plant officials on how best to close down the site next year.

However, production is set to resume, as Adrian Schmitz, spokesman for Ford Europe said: "We have an agreement with unions and are determined to implement that agreement to restart work at Genk.

As a reminder, Ford has also announced the closing of its stamping facility, in Dagenham, in the UK, as well as its van-building plant, located in Southampton.


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