Thursday, January 17, 2013

Renault to Cut 7,500 Jobs in France by 2016

Renault to Cut 7,500 Jobs in France by 2016
Renault has recently announced that it too will be joining the club of European automakers desperate to make ends meet, in these times of economic turmoil. Following the model set by PSA and Opel, Renault has announced that it will be cutting a huge number of jobs, by the year 2016 - 7,500 in total!

Still, despite the news being not-so-good, the CEO of the company, Carlos Ghosn has announced that no plants in France will be closed, though we suspect the number of workers will go down considerably. Apparently, the company is still not breaking even, as Gerard Leclerq, the head of Renault’s French operations, said: "If an agreement is signed with unions, this staff redeployment would require neither a plant closing nor any forced departures."

Also, Renault won`t actually fire all the 7,500 workers, as the jobs will also be cut through ‘natural turnover’, which basically means resignations and retirements. The number of workers being laid off, in total, equates to around 14% of their entire French workforce.

Still, in case everything does take a turn for the worst, they will still have Dacia to drag them back up to the straight and level.

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