Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spyshots: All-New Peugeot 308 Spotted Testing

Spyshots: All-New Peugeot 308 Spotted Testing
Ever since the highly-appreciated 306, which spawned one of the best hot hatches of the 1990s, the 306 GTI-6, Peugeot lost their way a bit, and ended up making the 307. It was a bland car, with a bland interior, and there were very few people who actually liked it - its main downfall, we say, was the fact that it was nowhere near as fun to drive as the older 306.

Next came the current Peugeot 308, which received a facelift last year. However, it merely improved on what the 307 offered, and while it was noticeably better, it was and is still far from class-leading. It does have a competent chassis, though it does not have independent rear suspension, the interior is very good for a Peugeot, and it doesn`t look half-bad with some of the larger rims on offer.

Still, they have a lot to improve with the all new 308, which was recently spotted testing, bearing heavy camouflage, to hide its new design. It is reportedly a combination between the styling of the 208 and the SR1 concept, and it should also be considerably lighter and nimbler than the slightly-cumbersome 308.

It will also share some engines with the new 208, and even a three-pot may find its way under the bonnet of the all-new car. However, being underpinned by the same platform as the current Citroen C4, the 308 will still most likely be mediocre to drive, and not much fun.

Peugeot really need to get their act together, because the 308 is a very important car for them, and since they are already not doing particularly well in Europe, the new compact hatch really needs to shine. Otherwise, all those very negative news articles about them ending up on the border of bankruptcy may just come true...

News Source: autoevolution

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