Friday, January 11, 2013

Ford to Hire 2,200 New Workers in US

Ford to Hire 2,200 New Workers in US
While the situation of the European branch of Ford is dramatic, their American operation is doing very well, and we even reported that they are working over the maximum capacity. This is why Ford has announced the hiring of 2,200 new salaried workers by the end of this year - the largest such increase in the last ten years.

Ford has not specified which plants will be hiring, but they did announce that they will be investing some $773 million, on equipment upgrades, and capacity increases, at six of their plants from South Michigan. This is part of a much larger investment planned by Ford over the next two years - $6.2 billion in total. The 2,200 new jobs are also part of a much larger scheme, which will bring an impressive 12,000 new jobs into the US by 2015.

The areas they want to improve are engineering, manufacturing and computer software. They have not specified when the new positions will become available, but they will be advertised online on the official dedicated site,, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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