Monday, January 14, 2013

All-New 2014 BMW X5 Leaks

All-New 2014 BMW X5 Leaks

While BMW’s design philosophy doesn`t really excite anybody anymore, the advent of a new X5 is still a very big deal. Now, ahead of its official reveal later this year, the all-new 2014 BMW X5 has leaked onto the web, and we have two low-quality photos, taken from what appears to be the BMW configuration online app.

After looking at the spyshots we got from our photographers, it was very clear that it would not be a great departure, from the old model. It isn`t - the all-new X5 looks exactly like what you would expect it to, with the more rounded and bolder new family face (or the slightly-altered ‘old’ family face), a 3-Series-inspired grille, which touches the inner part of the headlights, and brushed-aluminium trim pieces to finish off the front end.

Again, like all the latest BMW’s the X5 is imposing, but it`s not what you`d call pretty - not by a long shot. Around the back, it features lights which look as if they were lifted straight from the new X3, and enlarged by 10%. They could have opted to differentiate it more from its ‘little brother’, as some buyers may not even get the X5 any more, since it looks so similar, has the same basic range of engines and all the same gadgets and gizmos.

Speaking of kit, the new X5 does come with a lot of new stuff, including pedestrian airbags, AEB and the latest updated version of the brand’s i-Drive infotainment system. Furthermore, a new and interesting addition to the X5 range will be an X5L model, which will have a slightly longer wheelbase, and an extra row of seats in the back, thus offering the BMW SUV the capability of carrying seven people.

The range of engines will be carried over from the outgoing model (which we tested), so expect V6 and V8 petrol and diesel units to be the norm. The main piece of news from under the X5’s bonnet is the addition of a four-cylinder diesel engine, which will most likely be that which powers the 325d and 125d, with 218 hp and 450 Nm of torque - it will be a direct rival for the Mercedes-Benz ML250 CDI.

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