Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cadillac Ponders New Flagship and BMW 1-Series Rival

Cadillac Ponders New Flagship and BMW 1-Series Rival
The all-new Cadillac ATS is a great car, if we are to believe all the reviews we have seen so far - we have not seen/driven the car yet. It is praised for its balanced design, good interior, excellent handling and strong lineup of engines.

It is the model which has brought about a massive image change for the luxury automaker, and if they are capable of delivering more cars like the talented ATS, then they will do fine, and even begin to challenge the Germans - hopefully in Europe as well, where we hope to see the ATS with a diesel engine, as the BMW 3-Series has been sitting atop the podium for far too long, and new talent is required to shake things up.

Well, that just might happen, as Cadillac is reportedly considering the creation of a BMW 1-Series rival, along with a slew of new models, which could increase the number of cars in the range to ten. Aside from the smaller car, a new flagship is also being taken into consideration, as well as a small crossover, a seven-seater crossover, a two-door version of the ATS and a drop-top version of it.

We also want to see a hot version of the ATS, because it looks like it is a car with a lot of potential. THe chassis is balanced and the handling is sweet, and with some minor sporty touches and a bit more power, it sounds like a very tempting prospect.

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