Friday, January 11, 2013

BMW M3 Powered by S85 V10 for Sale

BMW M3 Powered by S85 V10 for Sale
The BMW S85B50 is one of the most famous performance engines, even though a couple of years have passed since it went out of production. In 2005, the Bavarians decided a DOHC V10 would be ideal for the M5, evoking their successful F1 involvement.

The V10 was an instant success, probably the best liked part of both the M5 and M6. In fact, fans still say it sounds better than the S63 twin-turbo it was replaced with. This is because the 5-liter is very high-revving, reaching its redline at 8,250rpm and producing over 100 hp per liter, due to its 12.0:1.

The current BMW M3’s 4-liter V8 is actually derived from the S85, and although its also powerful, it wasn’t enough for one owner. BimmerPost recently found this M3 that’s supposedly been fitted with an upgraded S85 V10, increased to 5.8 liters in order to produce over 610 horsepower.

The price for all this power is a very supercar-like $200,000 ($150,000), enough to scare off all but the most fanatic BMW fans. To find out more, check out the online auction.

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