Monday, January 21, 2013

BMW Launches M3 Pure Coupe in Australia - $30,000 Cheaper

BMW Launches M3 Pure Coupe in Australia - $30,000 Cheaper

Despite the fact that the current BMW M3 is approaching the end of its lifecycle, and will be replaced by an all-new turbocharged car, based on the current 3-Series, the Bavarian automaker has decided to launch a special edition of the current car, in Australia.

Called Pure Coupe, the Australia-only special edition starts at 125,000 AUD, which is 30,000 AUD cheaper than the standard M3. How have they achieved this? Well, by removing many non-essential performance features, such as the fancy audio system, the sunroof, the adaptive headlights, heated front seats and the power-folding electric mirrors.

Still, the car gets a leather and cloth combination for the upholstery, while the Novillo leather, usually found on the M3 seats is now limited to just the headrests. Also, despite the fact that it has had some features taken out, it is still well-equipped, with bi-xenon headlights, sat-nab, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, parking sensors and the all-important carbon finer roof.

Scott Croaker, Product Communications Manager at BMW Australia says: "Some of the features that don't relate to performance and dynamics have been dropped to achieve that price point [ . . . ] But certainly, when you look at the make-up of the spec that's been dropped from standard specification, it still doesn't equate to 30 grand. It's a slightly refined list, but overall it's just an incredibly sharp pricing package."

They are also offering discounts on the various 'packs' available for the M3. For instance, the Competition Package will cost 1,800 AUD (600 AUD savings), the Dynamic Damper Control now costs 2,700 AUD (700 AUD).

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