Monday, January 21, 2013

Special Edition Ferrari 458 Italia Gets Stolen from UK Showroom

Special Edition Ferrari 458 Italia Gets Stolen from UK Showroom

A rare and exotic supercar will always attract attention, regardless of whether you`re driving it to the shops, back home, or you haven`t even bought it yet, and it`s sitting in the dealership awaiting you to open your chequebook.

Sadly, sometimes they attract too much attention, and some people just can`t resist the temptation to have one, even though they may not be able to afford it.
A limited-edition Ferrari 458 Italia was recently stolen from a dealership, in Surrey, UK. Apparently, the car was parked at the rear of the garage/dealership, when two men entered the building, which was, of course, equipped with plenty of security cameras.

The car, estimated to be worth around £232,850, was wheeled out, and then loaded onto a flatbed truck before it moved off. They were forced to cut through some security poles, in order to make this possible, but they did succeed.

The police are clueless, apparently, and all they`re saying is that the move was "planned and well-organised." - so far they have no leads.

Detective Constable Chris Ewan, said: "I am appealing for anyone who was in the area on Wednesday night and may have seen either the van or the flatbed vehicle to come forward [ . . . ] The stolen Ferrari is a distinctive car so I am keen to hear from anyone who may have seen it, perhaps on the back of another vehicle, either in the local area or elsewhere."

Photo courtesy of Nick Williams

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