Thursday, January 17, 2013

BMW 3-Series Diesel Coming to Canada

BMW 3-Series Diesel Coming to Canada

Bimmerpost has just stumbled upon a file containing new vehicles that will debut at the Montreal Auto Show 2013 that names the BMW 328d as one of the debuts.

The car doesn’t exist in BMW’s current nomenclature, but it’s the same 3-Series diesel that’s expected in the US.

Rumor has it it’s the 2-lifer N45 TwinPower Turbo engine usually found in the 325d or 125d. Yes, that’s the new twin-turbo diesel unit with 218 hp.

However, it sounds more like wishful thinking to us, as they could simply de-tuned 3-liter, as twin-turbo tech might push pricing to unreasonable levels.

Either way, this new type of 3-Series will enter production in July 2013 and should also be available with xDrive.

Story via Bimmerpost

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