Thursday, January 17, 2013

[Video] Jay Leno Drives Custom Jaguar E-Type V12

[Video] Jay Leno Drives Custom Jaguar E-Type V12

As far as pretty cars from the 1960s go, the Jaguar E-Type or XK-E, is among the best to look at and to listen to. The original Series I (S I)came with a 3.8- or 4.2-liter straight six engine, and from a styling standpoint, it is the best-looking E-Type they ever made.

The 4.2-liter unit was kept for the Series II (S II), but by 1969 the Series III (S III) came out, packing a mighty V12. However, while the latest version was the best as an overall car, it got bigger and heavier than its predecessors, and it was less fun to drive and more cumbersome to control.

The weight of the 5.3-liter V12 engine did not help handling at all, and the III was nowhere as nimble as the Series II.

However, some, like Jay Leno, like to mix and match, and he has recently presented and driven a hybrid E-Type. However, don`t go thinking he fitted it with electric motors and the lot - it`s not that sort of hybrid. In fact, it is a mix between the S III and the S I.

It gets the rear end and the shorter wheelbase of the S I, yet the front end and V12 engine are from the S III. Also, to make it look more like the S I, the people who modified it redid the lights, which were open, and made them look a lot like those on the S I.

The V12 engine was dynoed at 375 hp, and it sends its power to the rear wheels via a five-speed box. Also, in order to keep everything in check, the car gets disk brakes all round.

Overall, this Jag is very unique and well worth checking out!

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