Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lotus Evora Belonging to Bob Lutz Up for Sale!

Lotus Evora Belonging to Bob Lutz Up for Sale!

Former GM chairman, and current spokesman for VIA Motors, Bob Lutz commissioned a special Lotus Evora S for himself, yet it seems that he didn`t fancy the car very much, as it is now for sale with just 40 miles on the odometer.

It features special kit like a reversing camera, FGD Design rims, and a green exterior finish, with contrasting longitudinal yellow stripes. It also has the optional Technology package fitted as well as the Premium Sport pack. It is now priced at $95,015, for those interested.

Nevertheless, for a car with so many features and a famous former owner, it will most likely get sold rather quickly. We particularly like how the exterior body finish is nicely complimented by the yellow stripes and the great-looking rims.

However, the red calipers clash a bit with the overall colour, and the dashes of yellow, and we say they should have been painted to match the stripes, or they could have been left plain metallic grey.

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  1. A nature green for a sporty car. Love the wheels looks wow. I like the the sports element presented on this ride suits the car well. This is a nice car and whoever bought it won big.