Friday, January 11, 2013

Sheer Lack of Taste Ruins Lamborghini Aventador in China

Sheer Lack of Taste Ruins Lamborghini Aventador in China
We have said it before, and we`ll say it again - the lack of car culture and taste, in this case, turns most tuning efforts into complete failures. Just have a look at this Lamborghini Aventador, a car which was designed by talented and passionate designers - it is now completely ruined, but not because somebody has crashed it, but because it has been very distastefully modified.

We get the chrome blue wrap - we totally get it, but the orange accents completely ruin the whole look of the car! Why would anybody want to accentuate the seams between the fenders and bumper, or between the hood and the bumper, or the door lines.

Lamborghini has worked very hard to make the Aventador look stunning, and they have genuinely succeeded. It not only looks good, but it drives equally impressively, as you can learn by reading our full test drive of the Italian supercar.

It`s a shame how people ruin these stunning cars like this. If changing the look of the car is what they want, they should get some people who actually know what they`re doing handle it.

Also, if the idea you want to apply is bad, and will make the car worse, somebody should follow you and stop you, for the sake of your sanity and for the preservation of your car’s good looks.

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