Friday, January 11, 2013

First-Ever Chinese Bike in the Isle of Man TT

First-Ever Chinese Bike in the Isle of Man TT
The 2013 edition of the IOM TT (Isle of Man Tourist Trophy) will mark the debut of the first-ever Chinese motorcycle to race the famous and dangerous Mountain Course. Hampshire-based WK Bikes has confirmed their plans to enter and ride a 650cc parallel-twin machine manufactured by CF Moto, in the 2013 TT Lightweight race.

The team will be named WK and will have the Oz-based David Johnson as pilot. According to the IOM TT press release, Johnson has scored 15 finishes in the Superbike and Superstock races and recorded a fastest lap of 17 minutes 59.45 seconds (125.831mph).

The Lightweight race is only in its second year on the Mountain Course but has alsready become a valuable part of the whole TT event, Isle of Man Government TT and Motorsport Manager Paul Phillips added.

The WK bike will presently be ready for testing and we cannot wait to see how will it fare on June 8, the final race day of the 2013 TT.

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