Monday, January 21, 2013

Auctions: Original 1966 TV Series Batmobile Sells for $4.62 Million

Original 1966 TV Series Batmobile Sells for $4.62 Million

The very first real life Batmobile was up for grabs this weekend at the annual Berrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Known as the 1966 Batmobile, it was built by legendary car customizer George Barris for a production that aired between 1966 and 1968.

Although this has never been fully proven, mister Barris famously told people that the car was put together in record time.He says that he was given 15 days and $15,000 to build the car after another company failed to deliver the goods in time for the show. He had owned the Lincoln Futura Concept for a number of years and was only too glad to give give it a new lick of paint, as well as some interesting crime-fighting features.

Now aged 88, Barris decided the hype around the latest Batman movies was the perfect opportunity to sell the car. And it seems he was right. The Batmobile was sought after by fans of the caped hero and a veritable bidding war started, which only stopped when the price reached an astounding $4.62 million (). It's not that bad when you consider the history!

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