Saturday, May 10, 2014

Porsche planning Cayman GT4, 700-hp Turbo S e-Hybrids

Porsche Cayman GTS

The old wisdom when it came to the Porsche lineup was that the Boxster and Cayman needed to be kept in line so as not to encroach on even the lower end of the 911 range. But with the latest versions of the compact roadster and coupe, that logic has gone out the window. Especially with the introduction of the latest GTS models (pictured above). But that's not the end of the story.

According to Motor Trend, Porsche is working on an even more powerful version of the Cayman that could carry the GT4 badge, positioning itself along the same lines as the 911 GT3 and GT2 - only, you know, smaller. Although our sources at Porsche would, predictably, neither confirm nor deny the report, MT has it that power could come from either a turbo-four or a more powerful flat-six, mated to the beefed-up DCT from the latest 911 GT3. A similar version of the Boxster could bring back the RS Spyder designation.

That's not all Porsche is said to have in store, though. Based on the engineering that went into the 918 Spyder, Porsche could roll out a new range-topping model for the 911, Panamera and maybe even the Cayenne, packing a version of the 918's PHEV powertrain. Slotting in above the existing Turbo S variants of each model line, the new flagship models could pack 700 horsepower or more and be designated e-Hybrid in similar fashion as the 918.
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