Thursday, May 15, 2014

Next VW CC could get A7-like fastback bodystyle

2013 Volkswagen Passat CC

It appears that despite slowing sales, Volkswagen isn't ready to give up on its dapper CC sedan yet. VW of America CEO Michael Horn says that a sleek, new design is being worked on and could be here in about two years.

Horn tells Motor Trend that there are two ways for the next CC's design to go at the moment. One of them would be a four-door coupe with a fastback hatch design like the Audi A7. He didn't indicate what the other possibility was.

Units sold in North America may even be built locally. "With the cost of production going up, we're looking at the business case, but maybe there's another option, of waiting 2-3 years and getting the CC built here in the US or in Mexico," Horn says. He goes on to note that the same might happen with assembly of the next Tiguan as well.

The CC has always been the fancy, more stylish brother to the Passat - in fact, it was originally known as the Passat CC. But with that extra flair comes a wicked price increase. At the moment, the two models differ by over $10,000 in their base retail prices, a reality that has likely has something to do with the fact that the current CC is still built in Germany and is based on the far more costly European Passat, not the larger, lower-cost North American architecture.

Sales have been sluggish for the CC recently. In April, VW sold just 946 examples, down 42.8 percent, and sales so far this year have totaled 3,920 units, down 31.7 percent. That's about a tenth of the numbers of its sibling, which itself isn't doing as well as Wolfsburg would like.

In the MT piece, Horn also comes close to verifying our suspicions about the Golf Sportwagen. When VW sent out photos of the new wagon, some of them included the 4Motion badge, yet no all-wheel drive model has been announced. While he didn't confirm it, the CEO admits an AWD variant is likely to make it to North America.

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