Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Custom Silver Gray BMW E46 M3

Another Custom Silver Gray BMW E46 M3
Yesterday we saw an interesting Silver Grey E46 M3 Convertible in China. However, as good as that car looked and as rare as it is in the communist Asian country, this Coupe E46 is way better looking.

The guys from European Auto Source took good care of it and turned it into a real head-turner. We don't really know why but, even though the E46 M3 was last built in 2006 we still get a funny feeling when looking at it, after all this time.
The one we're looking at today has a complete Vorsteiner V-CSL exterior kit that makes it look a lot like the exclusive, rare CSL edition. Further on, the owner decided to fit a complete Dinan exhaust system in order to change the car's growly tone and to add a little extra power to the car's 343 HP.

Looking at the car from one side you cannot help but notice the special wheels it's wearing. They are classic BBS LM Wheels that are being tucked in by the fenders due to TC Kline coilover system. To top it all up, behind those beautiful BBS's you can notice the new Brembo BBK brakes that help you control the extra power brought on by the Dinan Intake, MAF, throttle bodies and stage 3 software.

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