Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Will the Next-Gen 2014 Audi TT Be Like

What Will the Next-Gen 2014 Audi TT Be Like
You can tell the TT wasn’t a success for Audi because of the fact that they haven’t bothered giving it a facelift yet. The small coupe earned itself a reputation as a hairdresser’s car, and while they might have fixed that with this much faster and sleeker second-generation model, it’s still nowhere near perfect.

Early reports suggested the next one would be fun to drive and light. But it seems the direction they’re taking is altogether different rote.

At the 2013 NAIAS, Audi’s chief designer Wolfgang Egger told Car & Driver that the next TT will be sharper and more angular than the current one. It will become an upmarket coupe and will offer LED headlights. That sounds nothing like the Golf-based car it used to be.

The TT-RS range-topping model will still have a 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo, but this is being re-engineered to produce more power while also consuming less fuel.

Audi is targeting a fast turnaround for this car, with the replacement coming as early as 2014.

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