Thursday, January 17, 2013

Roel Scheffers' Custom BMW K100RS, New Racing Life for Old Bike

Roel Scheffers' Custom BMW K100RS, New Racing Life for Old Bike

Being young doesn't mean one shouldn't love older bikes. And taking a look at Dutch builder Roel Scheffers, we understand how true the first sentence is. A CAD/CAE engineer with a passion for building his own rides, Roel (28) bought an old BMW K100RS for €500 ($670) and had a dream...

He thought of creating something way different out of the old K100RS, especially as this specific model was not such a popular choice as a base bike for customizers and builders. So on he went, as the bike was actually in pretty good condition, despite being untouched for 5 years. A good push and the 70,000 km (43,500 miles) bike started.

Renames RS09 (Roel's 9th build), the BMW got bigger injectors, new airbox and a K&N filter, adjustable injection power valve and a custom-design exhaust line ending in a Termignoni can. And since we just don't get to see these silencers on BMW, we guess this is really cool, especially as the pipes have been TIG-welded and this was Roel's first time tungsten inert gas job.

Reworking the subframe and seat and fitting in Koni shocks need to whole frame to go lower. So Roel simply moved the fork ends a bit higher through the clamp (4 cm). New bars and digital instrumentation were also fitted, and the Kustombart did the painting.

With around €3,000 ($4,000 )spent on updating the old BMW and some fine engine dyno tuning, Roel Scheffers and his all-new street beast will be ready for some serious asphalt aggression when spring comes to Europe.

Via Faster and Faster.

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