Saturday, January 12, 2013

JMR Customs CB450 Honda Nighthawk Is Almost Too Pretty

JMR Customs CB450 Honda Nighthawk Is Almost Too Pretty
On the funny side, we believe that some limits should be imposed for how pretty a custom motorcycle can become. And that's because we just happen to stumble on jewels like the CB450 Honda Nighthawk by JMR Customs and the amount on nice is almost painful.

JMR Customs is a 3-generation shop, with Josh (Matt's son) being only 22, but way deep into racing, modding and bike-building. Now taking yet another look at the Nighthawk, it really looks like a custom job done by guys with tons of experience behind... and that's fabulous.

From a pretty mauled CB450 scavenged off Ebay, and loading a motocross fork and rear shock to the cur and completely rebuilt rear end, the JMR Customs Nighthawk breathes racing spirit while its sleek lines and cleverly chosen paint scheme also make it a head-turning street-bike.

Having it painted in complementary mauve in contrast with the golden fork legs and yellowish seat is not only eye-pleasing, but adds a reassuring sense of symmetry we just adore. Raking out the front end from 28 to 34 degrees provided the Nighthaws with bot enhanced stability and a more aggressive look.

And hiding all the wiring left the bike as clean and tidy as it gets. Not 100% sure we dig the Trail Tech vapor digital speedo and maybe a retro-look one could fit the project better, given the tapered, vintage Ducati silencer. But that's just us, the JMR guys deserve all the praise for this amazing job.

Via PipeBurn.

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