Monday, January 14, 2013

Ferrari Basks in the Success of the Classiche Division

Ferrari Basks in the Success of the Classiche Division
Ferrari has kept the spotlight firmly on itself recently with new models like the F12 Berlinetta, as well as the all-important F70 Enzo-replacement. However, aside from the new cars they are working on, Ferrari’s Classiche division is also highly-successful.

It was founded in 2006, and since then their popularity has skyrocketed. According to some sources, it is one of the reasons why so many pristine classic Ferraris have cropped up at auction houses all around the world, and have fetched in the millions.

More and more owners of classic Ferraris are turning to the Classiche division to restore their prized motors to their former glory. It is undoubtedly a very expensive service, but since it is an official branch of Ferrari, owners have the reassurance that the best and most experienced in the world are working on their car.

Currently, they are working on 24 very rare examples, including five 250 GTOs . The fact that they have five of them in the workshop is an achievement in itself, as they only made 36 between 1962 and 1964 - the 1960s were clearly the best years for car design, and Ferrari is one of the manufacturers who prove that point.

It is also a highly-lucrative branch, for Ferrari, which can charge pretty much anything they want, and the wealthy owners of these classic cars (some of which cost over €1-million, easily) are only too happy to part with their cash!

So far, they have brought more than 60 classics back to tip-top conditions, as well as handing out 3,800 certificates of authenticity to owners.

Maserati Classiche was also brought back online almost three years ago, and they had a very good reason for doing this. Apparently, 60% of modern Maserati owners also have a classic stowed away in their garage, and while some are restored, most probably aren’t.

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