Monday, January 21, 2013

Coda Sedan Available for $24,995 in California

Coda Sedan Available for $24,995 in California

The Coda Sedan EV usually retails for $38,145, without any intervention from the federal and state governments, yet according to, Coda Silicon Valley were reportedly offering the all-electric sedan at more than $14,000 off! The company itself is clearly not doing too well, after being forced to fire a significant part of their staff - twice.

The car was available for exactly $24,995, which is a steal for a fully-featured sedan, which also happens to run solely on electricity. However, this massive discount does illustrate the fact that Coda dealers may be having a somewhat difficult time selling the Sedan, but since the manufacturer has yet to release any sales data, it`s hard to tell. However, the offer lasted until last week, and it was available courtesy of Coda Silicon Valley, from Santa Clara, California.

Furthermore, the car`s popularity was undoubtedly dented by the poor two-star safety rating, given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, for the car`s frontal crash test.

The Coda Sedan, a car which is shipped in bits over from China, and assembled on US soil, still has to prove itself and gain some popularity - it is the kind of car which needs a 'cult following' of devoted owners, who will not only help Coda by sending in their feedback on how to improve the car, but also nudge the company along by buying their cars, and keeping the cash-flow positive.

Still, with seating for five, an 88-mile single-charge range, the Coda Sedan is still a viable choice for those looking for an EV of any sort.

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