Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blood-Red Nissan GT-R Gets Bodykit in China

Blood-Red Nissan GT-R Gets Bodykit in China

The Nissan GT-R looks like the kind of car which takes its mods well, and wears them with pride, no matter how small or outrageous they may be. Body kits, rims, spoilers and wild paint jobs really make the GT-R come alive, and whatever you do to it, there is a very high likelihood of it looking rather smart once you`re done.

This red example from China is excellent in illustrating the point. The car was spotted at a used car dealership, in the city of Shenzen, in the Guangdong province, and the first thing that strikes you about it is the bright red finish.

However, this what you are looking at is no wrap - the car is actually painted red, and is all the better for it. It also gets a nice wide body kit, a new rear spoiler, and aftermarket rims, with black interiors and red contrasting outer edges.

The car overall looks great, and as we`ve said before, it wears its mods with pride. We don`t know if the car has also had any performance upgrades, but since the GT-R is already stupid-quick, they are not mandatory.

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  1. A gorgeous Red for a sporty car. Love the wheels looks wow. I like the the sports element presented on this ride suits the car well. Nice pictures on your blog.