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2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Touring Show Up

2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Touring Show Up

If you plan to start a business consisting in putting people's cars and bikes to shame when it comes to spontaneous traffic light racing, there's your new tool: the all-new 2013 Triumph Rocket III machines, as serious as a heart attack.

Triumph shows two new Rocket III flavors: the Roadster and the Touring. The Roadster is a "fly free" beast, as the torque limiter for the first three gears has been removed so you can now scorch the asphalt with the full 221 Nm (163 lb-ft) and 148 hp. And to make things even meaner, the Roadster loses almost all the chrome, replacing it with matte black for a truly monstrous look.

The 2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster is now an intimidating beast, not fit for those faint of heart, and by all means one bike newbies must avoid. List of evil updates:

• Black chrome radiator caps instead
• Black ABS pulse ring
• Black chrome rear fender holders instead
• Black-airbox cover instead of chrome
• Black chrome fork protectors instead
• Black chrome horn cover instead
• Black headlamp and chrome ring instead
• New tank badge, chrome with black text
• Black mirrors instead of chrome
• New seat upholstery and stitching
• New colors: Metallic Phantom Black with two red center-stripes / Matt Phantom Black with two white stripes center.

The Touring comes with a slightly decreased torque, that is in case a 203Nm (150 b-ft) engine can be touted "tamed". Loaded with spacious panniers, a passenger backrest and a mid-size windshield, the touring version of the Rocket III retains the chrome accents and will offer a pleasant ride solo or with your better half, full cases or not. It's simply so powerful that it won't feel the pillion rider and luggage.

Prices around €19,490 ($25,960) for the Roadster and €23,790 ($31,670) for the Touring version, both available starting April 2013.

News Source: autoevolution

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