Sunday, May 11, 2014

Meet the first all-female Palestinian racing team [UPDATE]

Speed Sisters from Palestine

UPDATE: The issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a highly divisive and complex issue - one into which we did not intend to enter and would gladly leave to the relevant parties to sort out. Autoblog would like to apologize if we've inadvertently offended anyone's political, religious or ethnic sensibilities, and hope you enjoy the video just the same, in isolation from the conflict.

We are living in a fantastic time for movies about cars and motor racing. The Fast and Furious franchise brings mindless action, and movies like Rush show there can be a more intellectual side to motorsports. There's even room for some interesting documentaries, as well. Havana Motor Club is trying to tell the story of racing in Cuba, and a new doc called Speed Sisters explores the first all-female, Palestinian racing team.

Speed Sisters is still in production, but there is already a trailer. The movie focuses on five women from the Speed Sisters racing team and how they use motorsports to deal with the challenges in their lives. In a broader context, it's an examination of modern life in the Middle East for women. It's a sophisticated approach, but even if the politically related stuff doesn't interest you, it looks like there's plenty of racing action too.

As auto enthusiasts, it's great to see this renaissance of car films, from the big-budget action movies to the more intimate documentaries. Speed Sisters looks to be a great addition to the group.
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