Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cars and coffee combine to make invigorating art [w/video]

Coffee water color

Let's be honest; without coffee, nothing would ever get done. The cup of joe has done more to boost productivity than just about anything else on the planet. However, Romanian artist Adrian Mitu has found a new use for java - making fascinating automotive art.

Mitu's style is really cool just because of its simplicity. Essentially, he is using coffee in the same way other artists might use watercolors. His images start as pencil drawings, and then he adds details and depth with his brew. Occasionally, he even incorporates traditional inks with the coffee to add an extra dash of color.

According to a profile about Mitu on Romanian auto site Promotor, he studied architecture and interior design. However, his real love is cars. He started using coffee to paint one day because he was too lazy to get up and grab his standard colors. He dipped his paintbrush in the beverage next to him and hasn't quit since. Mitu goes by the name Aquarelief on Facebook and has a large portion of his portfolio for you to view. They are mostly automotive paintings but a few motorcycles and planes as well.

Check out our gallery above for some of his work or his Facebook page for a whole lot more. Scroll down for a video showing off how he uses coffee to create a watercolor. Unfortunately, it's not in English and there aren't subtitles. But he begins adding coffee to the drawing about four minutes into the short film.

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