Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spy Video: 2014 Mercedes S-Class With Minimal Camo

Spy Video: 2014 Mercedes S-Class With Minimal Camo

This prototype of a brand new W222 Mercedes S-Class was spotted in Stuttgart, Germany, the home of Porsche. It shows only minimal disguise, a good opportunity to see what’s going on with Mercedes’ biggest and most expensive model.

The S-Cass was always a game-changer. It was the first car to get airbags, for instance, and while it won’t be able to reinvent the wheel, this new model will try to change the way we look at car safety. It is said that with all the onboard sensors that detect lane departure, vehicles in front and road condition, the S-Class might be able to drive itself.

Style-wise, the car is exactly what you’d expect from Mercedes, an evolution. The car clearly has fresh but conservative lines that won’t offend the older gentlemen buyers. However, it does offer stronger character lines going down the side of the car from headlight to rear wheel arch.

Expect a full reveal of the new S-Class to take place either in March at the Geneva Motor Show or a month after that in China.

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