Friday, January 18, 2013

Mercedes SLS AMG Tuning: MC700 by McChip

Mercedes SLS AMG Tuning: MC700 by McChip

There's one thing you can never take away from any Mercedes, and that is its curb appeal. The SLS especially will gather a small crowd every time of of its doors swings open.

But German tuning specialists McChip-DKR have squeezed a bunch of poison dart frogs and mixed them with venom from black widows to make the SLS even better.

If fitted with a supercharger kit, a Capristo exhaust system and the best ECU remap, the 6.2-liter AMG V8 engine will produce 71hp (680PS) and 770Nm (568 lb-ft) torque.

However, there's an even better package, which brings the total to 96hp (706PS) and 793Nm (583 lb-ft) of torque.

McChip can also fit the car with either DDC or HLS 4-sports hydraulic suspension built by KW. With the last bit of spider venom at hand, they coated the SLS in two-tone red and black vinyl worth €6,000.

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